Most innovative product: LEWA EcoPrime wins Aspen Award

The LEWA EcoPrime has won an Aspen Award.

The annually held Aspen Awards recognize the two most innovative products that have made the greatest contribution to the advancement of bioprocessing. Since 2007, Aspen Brook has shaped the sales and marketing as well as business and product development efforts in the biotechnological industry.

The LEWA EcoPrime Twin chromatography system was found to be the most innovative product in the downstreaming sector. LEWA was honored with the award for inventing products within the biopharma industry fitting to key applications. The EcoPrime Twin platform can be flexibly used in scale- and in operation-mode in the continuous purification process of biopharmaceuticals.

Benefits of the LEWA EcoPrime Twin unit are the small dimensions, highest process flexibility as well as the good pricing for the hardware itself. Operators profit from using the EcoPrime by supremely saving operational costs.

Besides the LEWA chromatography system, another product with a similar focus on continuous purification processes, but with a single-use flowpath was awarded.